Khamis, 3 Mei 2012

i'm with you

i'm standing on a bridge ..i'm waiting in the dark ..
i thought that you'd be here by now ..
there's nothing but the rain .. no footsteps in the ground ..
i'm listening but there's no sound ..

isn't anyone try to find me ? won't somebody come take me home ?
it's a damn cold night .. tryin' to figure out this life ..
won't you take me by the hand take me somewhere new ..
don't know who you are but i ..
i'm with you ..

i'm looking for the place .. i'm searching for a face ..
is anybody here i konw ??
'cause nothing going right , and everything's a mess
and no one like to alone ..

ohh , why is everything so confusing ?
maybe i just out of my mind ..

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hai semua. terima kasih kerana singgah sini. tinggalkan komen di sini,1 pun dah okey tau? salam sayang dari Mieya..