Khamis, 3 Mei 2012

fall to pieces ..

i looked away .. than i looked back at you ..
you try to say the things that you can't undo ..
if i had my way i'd never get over you ..
today's the day i pray that we make it through ..

 make it through the fall .. make it through it all ..

and i don't wanna fall to pieces , i just want sit and stare at you ..
i don't wanna talk about it ..
and i don't wanna conversation , i just wanna cry in front of you ..
i don't wanna talk about it , 'cause i'm love with you ..

you're the only one  i'd be with till the end ..
when i come undone you bring me back again ..
back under your stars , back under your arms ..

wanna know who you are .. 
wanna know where to start ..
i wanna know what this mean ..

wanna know how you feel ..
wanna know what is real ..
i wanna know everything .. everything ..

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hai semua. terima kasih kerana singgah sini. tinggalkan komen di sini,1 pun dah okey tau? salam sayang dari Mieya..